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The ability to move through challenging jobsite terrain such as sand, mud, and gravel, combined with superior lifting-hauling-reaching versatility make all-terrain cranes the ideal choice for a wide variety of projects. Excellent mobility, high-capacity lift loads, and the ability to travel to jobsites at highway speed are all great reasons to select an All-Terrain Crane for your next project. Contact Modern Crane Service, Inc. today to learn more about our All-Terrain cranes available for rental.


1. Excellent Mobility
All-Terrain cranes feature an all-wheel drive suspension system which allows them to safely move operate on sand, mud, gravel, grass, asphalt, concrete, etc. Additionally, their compact design allows for strategic on-site moves that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with larger cranes.
2. High Lifting Capacity
Our All-Terrain cranes have a lifting capacity between 22 and 135 tons with boom lifts reaching 167 feet. Once your maximum load is determined, Modern Crane Service, Inc. can assist you in picking the perfect crane to efficiently and safely complete your project.
3. Ease of Transport
Our All-Terrain cranes are capable of reaching highway speed which means you will benefit from the ability to move quickly and safely between jobsites. Saving time during mobilization means increased productivity and lower overall costs.
4. Increased Efficiency
The fully integrated and attached machine-controlled boom on our all-terrain cranes allows for easy setup and efficient extension while reaching or lifting.
5. Superior Versatility
No matter the industry, jobsites often become cluttered with expensive and extremely specialized equipment. Whether you’re in need of lifting, hauling, or reaching, the all-terrain crane is up to the challenge. In a world where versatility equals efficiency, the all-terrain crane will become one of your most valuable jobsite assets.