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Crawler cranes utilize a design in which a crane mechanism is attached to a rugged set of tracks. This system allows the crawler crane to safely and efficiently perform on extremely challenging surfaces such as muddy soft ground. Support and stability are provided completely by tracks instead of bulky outriggers which allows crawler cranes to move around the jobsite under load.
Crawler Cranes are powered by a single engine system with two cable operated drums. Known for handling the heaviest loads with ease, the lifting capacity of Modern Crane Service, Inc. crawler cranes exceed 100 tons depending on the model and configuration. Long-term projects that will predictably expose the crane to adverse weather conditions and poor ground conditions are ideal for the use of a crawler crane. Contact Modern Crane Service, Inc. today to learn more about our Crawler Cranes available for rental.


1. Challenging Terrain Mobility
The track system on a crawler crane allows for a tremendous mobility on a variety of uneven or challenging ground conditions such as sand, mud, and gravel. There is almost no surface that a crawler crane can’t safely traverse.
2. Confined Space Functionality
Crawler cranes are capable of preforming extremely complicated lifts in tight spaces because of the ability to support itself without the use of large outriggers.
3. Lifting Capacity
Modern Crane Service, Inc. crawler cranes are capable of performing extremely heavy lifts and moves in excess of 100 tons. From a capabilities standpoint, this allows a crawler crane to handle a wide variety of tasks compared to other crane types.
4. Load Distribution
The heavy loads handled by crawler cranes are distributed over a greater area because of the track system. This contributes to their superior stability and ensures you won’t have to spend time and money preparing the ground before starting your next project.
5. Lattice Boom Configuration
Modern Crane Service, Inc. crawler cranes are equipped with a lattice boom which means it is not only stronger but also lighter when compared to the solid structure booms found on many other cranes. The decreased boom weight reduces the chances of experiencing dynamic loading which makes crawler cranes an ideal choice for jobsites that are predictably exposed to high winds.