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Truck cranes are all about combining convenience with capability. The single unit design of a truck crane makes transport easy for anyone with the correct driver’s license qualifications. Several factors including lifting capacity and crane height will determine the optimal truck crane for your next project. Modern Crane Service, Inc. can assist you in making the educated decisions needed to ensure a successful project outcome.

Once on site, some of the traditional issues that can make crane usage difficult such as soft ground are minimized by the fact that truck crane supports are compact and simple to set up. Additionally, a truck mounted crane can be moved to allow other vehicles and equipment to safely navigate the jobsite. Contact Modern Crane Service, Inc. today to learn more about our Truck Cranes available for rental.


1. Better Site Accessibility
Transporting traditional crane components to remote jobsites can be extremely difficult and add significant cost to your project. Because truck cranes operate as a single unit, they have the ability to reach jobsites that traditional cranes struggle to access.
2. Optimized Material Transport
Optimizing material transport logistics can have a significant impact on the overall cost of your next project. With a truck crane from Modern Crane Service, Inc., you have the ability to move materials efficiently and effectively without involving multiple trucks and complex loading/unloading procedures.
3. Cost Reduction
Laying a foundation or installing support pads before assembling the crane for use take up valuable time and increase labor cost. However, many of the specific preparation procedures required with a traditional crane setup are eliminated by using a single unit truck crane.
4. Reduced Space Requirements
The compact nature of truck cranes is ideal for projects involving space constraints such as existing buildings or urban development.
5. Reduction of Prep-Time
The time needed to complete everything from setup to inspection is reduced simply by the size and design of truck cranes. Shortened prep-time reduces overall hours needed to complete your project which can significantly impact total cost.