All crane rentals from Modern Crane Service, Inc. are dispatched with our certified journeymen crane operators. With an average tenure of 16 years, our highly-skilled operators rely on their experience through all phases of crane work to provide the high-quality results you deserve. In addition to our state-of-the-art crane fleet, we offer a wide variety of rigging accessories including belts, chokers, shackles, softeners, and spreader bars. All cranes are third party inspected on an annual basis to ensure a safe and efficient jobsite. No matter the challenge, Modern Crane Service, Inc. has the equipment and expertise needed to guarantee a successful result.


The ability to move through challenging jobsite terrain such as sand, mud, and gravel, combined with superior lifting-hauling-reaching versatility make all-terrain cranes the ideal choice for a wide variety of projects. Excellent mobility, high-capacity lift loads, and the ability to travel to jobsites at highway speed are all great reasons to select an All-Terrain Crane for your next project. Contact Modern Crane Service, Inc. today to learn more about our All-Terrain cranes available for rental.


1. Excellent Mobility
All-Terrain cranes feature an all-wheel drive suspension system which allows them to safely move operate on sand, mud, gravel, grass, asphalt, concrete, etc. Additionally, their compact design allows for strategic on-site moves that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with larger cranes.
2. High Lifting Capacity
Our All-Terrain cranes have a lifting capacity between 22 and 135 tons with boom lifts reaching 167 feet. Once your maximum load is determined, Modern Crane Service, Inc. can assist you in picking the perfect crane to efficiently and safely complete your project.
3. Ease of Transport
Our All-Terrain cranes are capable of reaching highway speed which means you will benefit from the ability to move quickly and safely between jobsites. Saving time during mobilization means increased productivity and lower overall costs.
4. Increased Efficiency
The fully integrated and attached machine-controlled boom on our all-terrain cranes allows for easy setup and efficient extension while reaching or lifting.
5. Superior Versatility
No matter the industry, jobsites often become cluttered with expensive and extremely specialized equipment. Whether you’re in need of lifting, hauling, or reaching, the all-terrain crane is up to the challenge. In a world where versatility equals efficiency, the all-terrain crane will become one of your most valuable jobsite assets.

Crawler cranes utilize a design in which a crane mechanism is attached to a rugged set of tracks. This system allows the crawler crane to safely and efficiently perform on extremely challenging surfaces such as muddy soft ground. Support and stability are provided completely by tracks instead of bulky outriggers which allows crawler cranes to move around the jobsite under load.
Crawler Cranes are powered by a single engine system with two cable operated drums. Known for handling the heaviest loads with ease, the lifting capacity of Modern Crane Service, Inc. crawler cranes exceed 100 tons depending on the model and configuration. Long-term projects that will predictably expose the crane to adverse weather conditions and poor ground conditions are ideal for the use of a crawler crane. Contact Modern Crane Service, Inc. today to learn more about our Crawler Cranes available for rental.


1. Challenging Terrain Mobility
The track system on a crawler crane allows for a tremendous mobility on a variety of uneven or challenging ground conditions such as sand, mud, and gravel. There is almost no surface that a crawler crane can’t safely traverse.
2. Confined Space Functionality
Crawler cranes are capable of preforming extremely complicated lifts in tight spaces because of the ability to support itself without the use of large outriggers.
3. Lifting Capacity
Modern Crane Service, Inc. crawler cranes are capable of performing extremely heavy lifts and moves in excess of 100 tons. From a capabilities standpoint, this allows a crawler crane to handle a wide variety of tasks compared to other crane types.
4. Load Distribution
The heavy loads handled by crawler cranes are distributed over a greater area because of the track system. This contributes to their superior stability and ensures you won’t have to spend time and money preparing the ground before starting your next project.
5. Lattice Boom Configuration
Modern Crane Service, Inc. crawler cranes are equipped with a lattice boom which means it is not only stronger but also lighter when compared to the solid structure booms found on many other cranes. The decreased boom weight reduces the chances of experiencing dynamic loading which makes crawler cranes an ideal choice for jobsites that are predictably exposed to high winds.

Several unique design attributes make rough terrain cranes capable of maneuvering over surfaces and around obstacles that would otherwise limit the movement of radial-tire and track-hoe cranes. Rather than operating with three or more axles (most rubber-tire truck cranes), rough terrain cranes have two, hyper-sized axles with independent differentials. This all-wheel drive design combined with significantly wider and larger diameter tires than that of a typical radial-tire truck crane allow for maximum maneuverability in difficult conditions.

Modern Crane Service, Inc. rough-terrain cranes have three steering modes: front-wheel steering, all-wheel centric steering, and all-wheel crabbing. These steering modes give our rough-terrain cranes the ability to maneuver over challenging terrain, steep grades, and significant obstacles. Over-extending independent H-pattern hydraulic outriggers lower the center of gravity and allow a rough-terrain crane to level itself on sloped or uneven ground. Contact Modern Crane Service, Inc. today to learn more about our Rough-Terrain cranes available for rental.


1. Low Center of Gravity
The unequaled leveling abilities and robust nature of a rough-terrain crane allow our operators to minimize focus on the ground conditions while preparing the crane for use.
2. Excellent Maneuverability
Rough-terrain cranes rely on all-wheel drive powertrain and steering in order to quickly maneuver over and around obstacles that frequently limit radial-tire and track-hoe cranes.
3. Multiple Steering Modes
The ability to switch steering modes to best fit jobsite conditions ensures maximum efficiency is maintained despite challenges in weather or terrain.
4. Superior Stability
The extra wide H-pattern hydraulic outriggers lower the center of gravity of a rough-terrain crane to create extreme stability. They make an excellent choice for challenging jobsites where crane stability is a primary concern.
5. Highly Adaptable
Rough-terrain cranes give operators the ability to adapt to any conditions they may face through the duration of a project. It can be extremely costly to switch crane types due to an unforeseen weather or ground limitation. Utilizing the flexibility of a rough-terrain crane right from the start of your project ensures future challenges won’t limit jobsite productivity.

Truck cranes are all about combining convenience with capability. The single unit design of a truck crane makes transport easy for anyone with the correct driver’s license qualifications. Several factors including lifting capacity and crane height will determine the optimal truck crane for your next project. Modern Crane Service, Inc. can assist you in making the educated decisions needed to ensure a successful project outcome.

Once on site, some of the traditional issues that can make crane usage difficult such as soft ground are minimized by the fact that truck crane supports are compact and simple to set up. Additionally, a truck mounted crane can be moved to allow other vehicles and equipment to safely navigate the jobsite. Contact Modern Crane Service, Inc. today to learn more about our Truck Cranes available for rental.


1. Better Site Accessibility
Transporting traditional crane components to remote jobsites can be extremely difficult and add significant cost to your project. Because truck cranes operate as a single unit, they have the ability to reach jobsites that traditional cranes struggle to access.
2. Optimized Material Transport
Optimizing material transport logistics can have a significant impact on the overall cost of your next project. With a truck crane from Modern Crane Service, Inc., you have the ability to move materials efficiently and effectively without involving multiple trucks and complex loading/unloading procedures.
3. Cost Reduction
Laying a foundation or installing support pads before assembling the crane for use take up valuable time and increase labor cost. However, many of the specific preparation procedures required with a traditional crane setup are eliminated by using a single unit truck crane.
4. Reduced Space Requirements
The compact nature of truck cranes is ideal for projects involving space constraints such as existing buildings or urban development.
5. Reduction of Prep-Time
The time needed to complete everything from setup to inspection is reduced simply by the size and design of truck cranes. Shortened prep-time reduces overall hours needed to complete your project which can significantly impact total cost.